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heartofglas88's Journal

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seventeen, new town, new adventures, same girl! i still love my texas hunnies (ahaha-right, chrissy, donna, and jenn? PLFL!) and my cowboy boys but i'm in massachusetts now and hoping that the kids are nice!
I want to meet genuine people who have interesting personalities .. who are willing to take chances and are able to learn from their experiences to become well-rounded members of the human race.. Remember-shallow is a measure of depth & character. So if u dont swim in the deep end.. dont bother ..

"The Whole World Is A Stage And We Are ALL WAITING FOR OUR LINE"

Whatever poisons in this bottle
will leave me broken, sore and stiff
But it’s the genie at the bottom who I’m sucking at,
he owes me one last wish
So here’s a present to let you know I still exist
I hope the next boy that you kiss has something terribly contagious on his lips
- Brand New, artists.