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Sunday, June 12th, 2005
5:59 pm
~Im Going Back To The Start~
heeeey everyone.. I know its been years since I rapped at ya so lets rewind shall we? I just got the internet "back" after my parents took it away for going to flagship cinemas w/ Quinn without telling them. but then quinn doesnt get in any trouble what so ever!! it doesnt make ANY SENSE. but whatever Im callus to their treatment of me by this point.

quinn says his room is REALLY haunted also and he says he sees a ghostly man in the night. many times he wakes up in the middle of the night UBER-screaming and flipping out insanly until my parents go calm him down and then lock his door. but then sometimes its not about ghosts at all so I dunno. weird.

yesterday I got to talk to Chrissy on the phone for almost an hour! it made me realize everything and everyone Ive left behind and all the memories still formed in the past that I cant touch. but it made me feel sentimental to talk to her for a while so thats good.(ARGHHHHHHH I MISS YOU GUYS) but.. sometime in July(I think?) is when I should actually get to be with her and Mike and maybe andrea too if her parents let her come here. hopfully.... we need a "reunion" of the pink ladies!(in-joke) I really think Ill go CRAZY if I dont get to hang out with friends soon..........

so quincy! Ive finally seen some of your sights to behold! Ive seen the area around my house and the movie theater you guys have and ate at one of your Mcdonald's. i think a girl could really get used to this city life I must say. :D

and hey I added everyone who added me to their friends page.. and my IM is gardnstateofmind (hmmmm.. let's guess what movies I like?) so I hope to see you at the internet on IM sometime hopefuly soon? *awaits*

now I must go watch Donnie Darko yet AGAIN. haha, yes, thank you Im a nerd I know.


Current Mood: thoughtful
Thursday, May 26th, 2005
10:32 pm
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Saturday, May 21st, 2005
3:16 am
new here!
hey guys, looks like i'm giving in and getting a "live journal." hahaha. but, i think I can use it to keep in touch with my texas pink ladies (chrissie!) and cowboys. oh man, I miss them so much. quincy isn't so bad, just a little different. A LOT DIFFERENT! i haven't really met anyone but i have been reading some livejournals (stalker! hahah jk!) and i found some really cool kids who I think i might try to talk to ! like, the people up here are into things that only me and andrea were into in texas! like, all sorts of music and movies. so im really excited about talking to them about all that stuff.

but, whatever because my mom and dad are TOTALLY keeping me from meeting anyone. i can't go out without them because they say this place "isn't safe." whatever really, because they can't keep me inside forever. i'm growing, i'm a different person now. i'm not some little girl anymore, i'm not there preception of me, it's a new city, a new life.

i'm really excited too because Mike said he and Chrissy could come up, and maybe andrea can come up at somepoint.

oh man, i'm so writing everything that's been flowing through my mind these past few days. this weather is good for thinking. i am liking this place. im really excitied about meeting people though!

-later days

you guys should really get journals too beccause that way we can keep in touch. so that we may forever be connecting.

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